Chef Brik Kitchen Essentials 4 Pack

Chef Brik Kitchen Essentials 4 Pack


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Hold on to your seats because the flavor train is moving on in.  

Chef Brik's gourmet blends are all about mixing, matching, and exploring your creativity without needing years of culinary training.  Pick a meat, grab a rub, and throw it in a pan, on a grill, or in the oven, and enjoy.

The Sweet N Spicy is one of my most diverse creations.  Initially starting out as the most amazing babyback Rib Rub ever made, it really became a secret weapon to many amazing dishes. 

The Honey & Worcheshire Rub is an instant classic. Want a juicy, smooth and bold flavored steak without distracting from the cut? This is the winner, look no further. Subtle enough to not distract from the natural flavor and juices of the meat, but bold enough to make your mouth water even more for the next bite.  

The Smokey Citrus & Habanero turns backyard burgers into an instant flavor packed smash with a few shakes of this bad boy. The most amazing chicken wings you've ever had, just pack some of this on chicken wings, throw them in the oven, and bam.  Incredible.

This 4 Pack includes a Sweet N Spicy, Black Garlic & Shallot, Honey & Worcheshire, and Smokey Citrus & Habanero.